Island Apocalypse Tours

Pixelache Festival has been in many places, but for some reason for many the islands have been most memorable. We have been visiting Suomenlinna, Vartiosaari, Naissaar, and all have had a different atmosphere.

Long-term Pixelache members Antti Ahonen & Andrew Gryf Paterson in collaboration with Jenna Jauhiainen propose to arrange a series of guided tour to these locations for a small group of both participants of the festival and new participants interested in our history, and engage with the concept of Solastalgia, which is a term coined by Glenn Albrecht which refers to the distress, melancholy of losing one's own environment and habitat, especially in the context of climate crisis and biodiversity collapse. We will use these Island tours to discuss not only the changing ecological ecosystems of our environments, but also the social and technical environments that have related to our cultural work over the past decade or so.

How we remember our past self-organized, emerging and grassroots culture, exemplified in Pixelache Festival, is both a local and global problem. The corporatisation of our environments and habitats, via late-Capitalist and necro-Capitalist strategies is destroying our ecosystems, whether it be biological, social, or technological. In fact it is the convergence of these habitats online and office that are being exploited, and making it not only difficult to operate in the present, but to also remember our environments as they were. In our Island tours, and in our technical strategy, we aim to both walk, talk and do the work of archiving, not just meta-data, or para-data, but the media itself.

Tours will have a limited number of participants, subsidized costs in the case for Naissaar, and be documented as photographs, zines and a recorded podcast.