Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

On September 22nd and on September 24th members from Pixelache gathered at Bokvillan in Arabia, Helsinki to address the CALL FOR ACTION for Art Institutions in Finland community questionnaire. These two meetings were facilitated by Salum Abdul-Rahman. As a way to proceed with answering the questionnaire, accountability groups were formed. An accountability group is a gathering of people who share their ideas, challenges, and thoughts and support each other in opening up discussion, addressing issues and reaching their goals. From the members who attended the two sessions at Bokvillan, groups were made on the basis of reaching out to Pixelache members with whom they have not worked. This was used as an opportunity to enhance diversity within the organisation and activate relevant discussion and hear all perspectives. Our intention was to make equal all members and have all members’ voices and thoughts be of equal value and importance.

After the accountability groups went through the questionnaire, we then arranged two more sessions for members to collate answers and collectively decide how to publish the response. Each group responded to the questionnaire in their own way. For example, some groups and individuals wanted to respond collectively, anonymously. Others wanted to have their name stated. Some questions gained more discussion and comments than others. We felt that the responses should be documented in italics to highlight the lively dialogue that was initiated within these accountability groups.

This is a living document meaning it is in a constant stage of evolution. As we convene to collectively work on this task, new issues, insight, and challenges arise. For example, during the editing process some members came to feel that the “unnamed” contributions should be taken into ownership by the members who actually said them. They felt that as the internal discussion process continues, it will become hard to respond properly to comments by members who remain anonymous. Continuing to confront, listen and hopefully find agreement is necessary when working with a diverse and large group of people.

Fueled by the discussions that responding to this questionnaire has brought up we will start coming up with strategies and actions to tackle these issues. This work will be published as a work-in-progress document as we address and integrate diversity, inclusive, and equality practises into Pixelache and with the Pixelache community.

Read the evolving document here