The Alternative Mobility Research Triangle (AMRT) is a network designed to explore alternative models of creative mobility. The triangle is comprised of Pixelache, Makerspark (Stockholm) and Wabalinna, Maja (Paide, Estonia) and is augmented by the Urban Institute in Riga, Latvia. AMRT will investigate various practices of worldwide artist-in-residency programmes and seek new potential structures, possibly incorporating models such as decentralisation, peer-financing, and experimental hospitality.

AMRT has been meeting between summer 2014 and spring 2015, sharing ideas, resources and strategies about each organisation's distinct approaches towards their audience, both peers and public. The main public output of the project will be a mini-festival in Paide in May 2015. Over a weekend, Pixelache and Makerspark will offer workshops, presentations and performances to the public in Paide, testing the experimental residency launched recently by Wabalinna maja. Programmes will likely involve maker-culture/DIY production, ecological sustainability, and their relationships to the art field in each respective locality.

 AMRT is supported by the Kulturkontakt Nord Nordic-Baltic Mobility Fund.

Recent activity