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We Love Open Data & Green Drinks Helsinki: Anu Määttä presents Fablabs and Open Design, 4.8.
We Love Open Data & Green Drinks Helsinki co-hosts a meetup event on Thursday 4th August to get back into a summer city mood, with a guest presentation by Anu Määttä from Protospace, a Utrecht-located Fablab, who will speak about the relationship between Fablabs and open design.

While on holiday here in her native Finland, Anu has volunteered to give a talk about the Fablab ecology, culture, and the nature of open design it engenders. At Protospace they have been experimenting with the open-source Ultimaker 3d printer.

Time and place: Thursday 4th of August, 1730 at the bar of the Radisson Bus Plaza Hotel, corner of Rautatientori, Mikonkatu 23, Central Helsinki (We’ll sit upstairs, where it’s more secluded and silent. Miska Knapek will wait downstairs by the bar, before the meetup, and guide people upstairs. If you don’t see him, and still feel a little lost, feel free to call : +358-50-320-2616).

We Love Open Data is a network of designers, programmers and researchers in Helsinki promoting open data, that is raw information that is readable by machines and made public with a license. This meetup event encourages others to gather in Helsinki region around the topic, and make future plans.

Green Drinks Helsinki is an international phenomenon. Events are informal, organic, and friendly, come and socialize and network. In Helsinki, the chapter is for anyone who works with or is interested in sustainability issues (green, environmental, ecological...). Aalto Green Drinks is a special chapter for Creative Sustainability students and Aalto University sustainability researchers. Anyone and EVERYONE - inside and outside of Aalto - is welcome to join them!

Its also a good occasion to remind you of the upcoming Pixelversity Open P2P Design Lectures & Workshop led by Massimo Menichinelli that will take place in September (note: Workshop registration before 1st September).

* Image credit: Protospace NL.