Pixelversity / Recommended events
Walk, round-table and lecture about DIY culture in urban environment, St. Petersburg, 15-17.10.

The Art-(Social) Science group of Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR) in St. Petersburg organises a series of events about DIY culture in the urban environment.

On Monday 15.10. there will be a round-table discussion at CISR's Seminar room, starting at 19:00; and the following day on Tuesday 16.10. there departs from the same location a city-walk from 14:00-17:00. Lastly, on Wedneday 17.10. from 19.00 there will be a City-Cult lecture by Rumkammerat.dk from Copenhagen, at Loft Project Etagi.

Pixelache Helsinki's partnership with CISR continues as Andrew Paterson from Pixelache joins Rumkammerat.dk from Copenhagen (that CISR met in Copenhagen-Malmö on their Nordic travels this year) to share experiences of their cities and to discuss with the audience: What could be realized in Petersburg? In what ways can particular groups of residents, including young people, can participate in the process of making the city as they wish it to be, by the means of street or public art, performances and flash mobs, partizaning or any other forms.

Image credit: Delai Sam May Interventions (Mailbox project)