Video-dnevnik will be released the 6 of June
Video-dnevnik concept was presented in Pixelache 2006 festival in Helsinki.

www.video-dnevnik.org will be released on the Internet the 6 of June.

Video-dnevnik is a tool to understand different cultures using the video-diary as a method. The project is based on that the participants contributes by recording their daily life. The project has been running in three different countries lending out video equipment to the participants the materials has then been collected and edited. Over a hundred persons are today part of video-dnevnik.

The sixth of June www.video-dnevnik.org will be released on the Internet in a version that works in Swedish, English and Russian.

Video-dnevnik wants to break up stereotypes about east and west. Both the false image about life in the west that exists in east and the image distributed by western media where countries with a rich culture and tradition are reduced to: trafficking, maffia and Chernobyl. By using video-dnevnik you can visit young people in small town Sweden. You can have a look on the presidential elections in Belarus and you can follow an Ukrainian businessman on a strange trip to the Carpathian mountains. You can meet rich housewifes in Minsk and take part in a wedding, a childbirth and a funeral.

Video-dnevnik presents an inverse stream of conciousness. You can take part of the infinite mosaic of banalities that is real life. Video-dnevnik is a documentary project that reconnects to the birth of film. When motion pictures had names like: the train is coming to the station, the child eats breakfast and the workers are leaving the factory. But today in the new Europe.

Video-dnevnik is documentary project where professionals like sound-technicians, photographers and directors are made unemployed. The people that usually are the object for the film team are made subjects and can expose what they chose to the camcorder. This creates an other way of participating in a documentary process. Video-dnevnik believes in the personal propaganda. in the way that people chose to present themselves.

Video-dnevnik welcome you to seminar at Interactive Institute in Stockholm the 6 of June 1400 to 1800. The seminar will present the project and put in a context between documentary film making, participatory media and new media.

Because of national holiday the doors will be closed so if you want to be let in come to Karlavägen 94 in Stockholm 1400-1500 or phone +46 70 632 93 69.

best greetings

Nils Claesson and Dmitri Plax