Ulla Taipale / Capsula interview in WMMNA
Ulla Taipale / Capsula

Photo: Ulla Taipale wandering in a forest by the Novosibirsk Zoo

Regine from we-make-money-not-art did an extensive interview with Ulla Taipale, about the activities of Capsula and their Expedition to the Total Eclipse project. The exhibition will open next week (Friday 6 March at 6 pm), hope to see you there!

Quote from the interview: "A scientist follows his/hers paths of research and an artist his/hers, and both can achieve surprising findings in the same object of investigation. In the end, Curated Expeditions is not trying to gain results that would have scientific importance. The objective is to bring together artists and scientists to work at the intersection of different disciplines, but the results are artworks and don't have to contribute to scientific studies about natural phenomena. What I would like them to contribute is to the recognition of small and big miracles of nature and consciousness about its extraordinariness."

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