Streaming Festival | open call for submissions | 3rd edition 2008
The Streaming Festival is now accepting submissions for its 3rd edition in October 2008.

Deadline for submissions is 01 September 2008.
Documentary, animation, art and narrative genres are accepted.
No entry fee for submissions.

Send submissions through postal service, or provide a website link with a preview of the submission.

The Streaming Festival is an online festival for audio visual art.
A platform for contemporary artists who can screen their works with high quality and full screen to an international audience.
The internet and streaming technologies are radically changing the developments of audio visual art. The Streaming Festival is exploring the use and possibilities of these developments. By combining high quality art and new technologies the festival wants to give an impulse to the understanding of audio visual art.

The Streaming Festival does not have financial or geographical borders. Anyone, anywhere with a decent internet connection can plug into one of the festival streams and watch top contemporary works without having to pay an entrance fee, or travel costs.
The festival broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Online submission form : http://www.streamingfestival.com/submissions/
Website : http://www.streamingfestival.com
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