Robin Hood cooperative in Tallinn
The Robin Hood Minor Asset Management cooperative makes a visit to Ptarmigan Tallinn this weekend to host an open seminar/forum about their project.

Robin Hood Minor Asset Management is a cooperative of artists, activists and researchers originating in Helsinki, Finland. Using their sophisticated 'parasite' system, Robin Hood uses the same tools of investment/exploitation to return capital to people and projects with contrary goals to those of eternally expanding Wall Street investors. The project, in an experimental beta phase, returns 50% of profit to the investor and the other 50% into a cooperative fund which will be used to support ideas normally outside the purview of investment banks.

At Ptarmigan, Akseli Virtanen, Ana Fradique and Karolina Kucia will present the Robin Hood project and offer a chance to join. We will then open up into a workshop that will explore the critical questions at the core of this project. Is a 'parasite' an effective scheme of action? Where do we draw the boundaries of collective activity - the boundaries of trust, risk, and sharing? How does one negotiate their core beliefs by participating in the stock market ?

Please come with ideas, questions, and an open mind. The event begins Saturday at 14:30; more information is available on the Ptarmigan site or Facebook event.