Pixelache Network
Mal au Pixel 2011
For its sixth edition, Mal au Pixel program weaves open dialogs on digital creation, through different public meetings :

We will further explore bio and social issues, by hosting  the House Of Natural Fiber (Indonesia) in a residency, for the Intelligent Bacteria project, applying open source to microbiology and alcohol distillation.

With the exhibition and meeting series Utopies Monétaires Internationales (International Monetary Utopias), we will unveil several researches on alternative currencies, from artistic experiences to actual prototypes.

DRIFT, another main spot of the festival, invites four creative « turntablists » for crossed performances : eRikm, Arnaud Rivière, Martin Tétreault, DJ Sniff.  The performance will be carved onto an experimental record, being capable of random play.

In the Transmissions performances event, the artists play with different radio wavelenghts and signals. The DIY Music concert will showcase inventor of electronic instruments, such as Casper Electronics. And with I-R-L event, the latest audivisual experiences are put to the test.

And this new edition will offer the opportunity to meet up with the different Pixelache nodes and to figure out an event in 2012... to celebrate the network's 10 years.

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HONF, IB:SC | Utopies Monétaires Internationales : Paolo Cirio, Mansour Ciss Kanakassy & Baruch Gottlieb, Enric Duran, Christian Nold, Dyndy | DRIFT: Martin Tétreault, eRikm, Arnaud Rivière, DJ Sniff  | WJ-SPOT | Altlabs meeting | artisans numériques  | DIY Music : Casper Electronics, Emmanuelle Gibello, Das OS | Mario de Vega | Horia Cosmin Samoila | Transmissions : Art of Failure, Benjamin Cadon, Alejo Duque | Vincent Epplay, Sebastien Roux, Sally Golding, chdh, {eab}...

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In partnership with : la Gaîté Lyrique, la Maison des Métallos, la Fonderie de l'Image, la Dynamo, Plateforme, Espace en Cours, Espace d'En Bas, le Bouillon Belge
and : Upgrade! Paris & MCD, IRL, les Instants Chavirés, Ars Longa...

With the support of : CNC - Dicréam | Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie | Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France

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La Gaîté Lyrique 1 /06 – Art in Culture workshop by HONF

Drift @ Dynamo - 16 //06

Utopies Monétaires talks, with Upgrade!Paris
in MCDates @ Maison des Metallos  - 17 /06

Utopies Financières Internationales @ Plateforme 9 - 19 /06

LA GAITE LYRIQUE 10 & 11/06 - Altlabs Meetings, WJspots, HONF

Artisans Numériques day at la Fonderie de l’Image le 12/06

« Diffractions Transmutatoires » opening at l’Espace d’en Bas, on June 10th
And  Michel Guillet concert on 18th

I-R-L VJ performances on  June 18th, with Sally Golding, Vincent Epplay & Sebastien Roux, chdh, {eab}

-------- partner events  --------

From June 8 to 10, Nantes
Meeting organized by PING

PiNG welcomes you to LABtoLAB@Nantes, 3 days of international meetings on digital creation, workshops, concerts and performances. This event is part of LABtoLAB meetings series, started in 2009, between several eropean medialabs.

OPEN du Paris-Villette,
festival des scènes virtuelles
From June 15 to 25

Mélanie Couillaud | Jean-François Peyret | Cécile Saint-Paul | Annie Abrahams | Lucille Calmel | Eric Watt | Marie Piemontese | Marie Marfaing | Bérénice | Milad | Véronique Aubouy | Scénographies Open...

19 projects on a theater stage, or outdoors and distantly, using the networked communication territories. A patchwork of stages, both real and virtual.

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Full program on : http://www.malaupixel.org