Katastro.fi/Pixelache Iltamat: Tallinn Special / X-mas Party, 4 December 2006 in Korjaamo

Monday 4th of December 2006
6-11 PM

Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo
Töölönkatu 51 b
00250 Helsinki

(The event is free of charge)


Katastro.fi and Pixelache second iltama brings you a fresh taste of the vibrant Tallinn art scene and welcomes you to Korjaamo for a series of presentations and performances by Estonian artists:

*Jaagup Jalakas is a music artist and the director of the multimedia festival Plektrum, held two times a year in Tallinn. Jaagup will give a presentation about Plektrum festival.

*Kiwa is an artist, curator, writer and composer. Kiwa will play an improvised solo.

*Andres Lõo is a musician, a visual artist and curator, a culture observer and journalist. Anders will introduce his practice as a visual artist, musician, curator and cultural activist and will do a performance entitled 'Andres Lõo & The Foxes of Borea'.

(Please scroll down for short introductions to the artists and their presentations/performances)

Andres Lõo - Make Up


*Jaagup Jalakas
Jaagup Jalakas is the founder of Plektrum festival and the programme director of Von Krahl bar. A few years ago, Jaagup together with several local DJ's and alternative music enthusiasts, set out to build up an Estonian techno scene. Plektrum festival is the result of this initiative and was held for the first time in April 2006. It is a five-day event which takes place two times a year. Jaagup is also organising monthly events focused on techno and electro at Von Krahl theatre, the most alternative venue in Tallinn. He is as well a part time student at the Baltic Film & Media School. And last but not least, Jaagup is also a devoted resident DJ of Plektrum. His constant interest in techniques has lead him to add fresh nuances to his sets. He is usually accompanied on stage by a laptop, emitting sounds of techno, acid, tech house and minimal over and into the crowd. The roots of this crowd-pleasing eclectic programme lie in his endless quest for discovering new sounds.

Plektrum Festival
Plektrum is an eclectic multimedia event focusing on new media and diverse subcultures, which takes place in Tallinn two times a year. Plektrum functions as a open centre constantly generating ideas, instruments and possibilities for the cultivation of new media. Plektrum supports the development of the VJ-scene in Estonia, carries out workshops which aim to introduce and encourage the creation of new media art projects and offers a platform where young innovative people can present their work to wider audiences. Plektrum is not tied to a certain music genre but rather is constantly in motion, seeking to include in its programme the most diverse sounds - from rock to ambient, avant-garde to techno.

Kiwa (1975) is an Estonian pranxter meta-artist who blends the meaning of authorship on different levels. His practice includes a wide range of media: texts/books, music/sound, curating, bad painting, video, installation, performance, conceptual projects in media and public space. His art draws on pop-lifestyles and the counter cultures as well as cryptic texts, multimedia lectures, theories and practices in the field of micro-literature, pseudo identities and mystical conceptualism. He started experimenting with sound in the late 80s, was involved in some of the fastest punk-bands in the 90s and moved to the electronic sound around 2000. Kiwa has been organizing the noise/sound-art platform *metabor* (www.nihe.ee/metabor) and founded The Festival of Non-Existent Bands (www.nihe.ee). Beside his hyper-optimistic robo-punk moniker Kiwanoid, he also plays improvisational solo lives, that stream from idealistic glitchy soundscapes to psycho-noise.

*Andres Lõo
Andres Lõo is a musician, a visual artist and curator, a culture observer and a journalist from Tallinn, Estonia. After completing his education at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Andres has carried out research into the regulation and economics of music and visual arts. He has stepped into light with several exhibitions, installations and performances including the exhibitions 'A-Space', 'Jüri Arrak', 'Allusions to Power', 'Elevator Music', 'MONO'. He has also been playing drums and other instruments in various bands. Perhaps the most important of his music projects are Luarvik Luarvik, his solo project Ars Intel and his current passion Andres Lõo & The Foxes of Borea - soon to be released on the Austrian non-conformist music label Laton. Lõo has been involved in the underground music movement in Estonia since the late 1990s, organized series of events of electronic and instrumental music, and practiced DJing as A (as for alfa). After years at the Art Academy, he founded looming.org and 1+1=1 seminars with Hanno Soans, Kiwa and Karin Laansoo and eventually started curating art shows himself. Lõo makes most of his living as a freelance curator and a cultural journalist. He is curating shows for KUMU the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery VAAL. Last but not least, he has been spotted as an actor in a few Estonian movies.

Performance Andres Lõo & The Foxes of Borea
When you take a stone and smash it on the wall, it will probably break into several pieces. Now, let's pretend that this stone is a cultural phenomenon called Pop Music. The one who likes to break the core of that stone or perhaps investigate those fossilized skeletons in it, is Andres Lõo. He enjoys throwing stones on the wall of sonic embryo and he loves to perceive himself as a pedestrian in the Japanese garden - despite the perspective he might have on all stones in the garden, one of them always remains hidden. That serves as a definition for Andres Lõo's and his companions' music - the percussive mass of subsonic quotes vs. heart ache vocals for cherries on a cake.