Chronophone, Stories wanted!
The Chronophone service provided by Unsworn Industries (SE) allows people to call their future selves. You call now and record a message. In exactly one year your phone will ring. When you answer you will hear your own voice delivering that message from the past.

Chronophone premiered in Finland at Pixelache 2011. Just a few days ago the Swiss branch of the service was launched, in conjunction with the opening of Haus für elektronische Künste Basel.

Learning about your Chronophone stories is the greatest reward for Chronophone providers. What would you tell yourself in one year? Perhaps you’ve already used the Chronophone? If you like, you can share your stories here or email them: telecom at Kiitos, danke, tack!

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Mixed feelings So far people have approached their, real or imagined, Chronophone call with a mix of enthusiasm and caution. The weight of the task haunts some. Others see Chronophone vouchers as a perfect gift - a drop of long now injected into everyday life and chores. One woman told us she would distribute Chronophone vouchers to her friends: “future moms and dads, grandmas and granddads, and aunts and uncles”. She herself is pregnant and will use the Chronophone to reflect on this time of change: “Everyone with kids tells you that once the baby is there life will change in unexpected ways. I have naturally heard this many times over and have grown to take it as the most likely truth - but that does not mean I have any clue of what really lies ahead.” Another Chronophonist told us that she didn’t dare to use it: “What if I die and someone else is using my phone and they get a call from me…”