Pixelache 'Ambassadors' represent Pixelache Helsinki on travels, residencies & events as a sort of ambassador/special envoy. It is an experimental programme of responsibility, but also acknowledges work often done by members, friends and partners of the association. Where possible, Pixelache can support the travel costs of members/staff to events; Or in case of someone's residency outside Helsinki, staff discuss in advance with the forthcoming Ambassador about mutual benefits and ambitions. Basically the ambassador/special envoy takes flyers, and knowledge about Pixelache Helsinki scene to the destination/event, sharing them with appropriate persons or in appropriate contexts, or does local research or negotiation on behalf of Pixelache Helsinki.


Tuomo Tammenpää, who visits Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway, 17-20.11.2011. See related blog post. Jukka Hautamäki, who is Pietarin Suomi-talo artist-in-residence at the end of the year, checks out the local cyber art/maker/hacker scene on behalf of Pixelversity, St. Petersburg, Russia, 11-12.2011. See related blog post. Jon Irigoyen (board member of Pixelache Helsinki), for connections in Barcelona, Spain, related to personal research and projects, and contact for Spain-based contributors for Camp Pixelache in May 2012. Mikko Laajola (board member of Pixelache Helsinki) visiting Transmediale and learning about local thrash/diy/sustainability -related projects during 31.1.-7.2.2012. Irina Spicaka (intern of Pixelache Helsinki) visiting CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art to research the AV-Live performances that takes place concurrently at time of Transmediale, 28.1.-3.2.2013. See related blog post. Aura Seikkula for connections in Stockholm, Sweden, related to personal research and projects, and future collaborations from 2013-. .

Further reading

For more on ambassadorship in our organised networks scene, see Andrew Paterson's Special Embassy materials compiled during an independent research residency at Kitchen Budapest in 2008.