Steve Maher

Years as member: 2016, 2017


Steve Maher is a visual and relational artist from, Limerick, Ireland currently based in Helsinki, Finland. He bases his practice between both countries and has shown his work throughout the North America and Europe. Maher focuses on the relationship between dominant ideologies and subjugation, music and the communities which orientate them-selves around it. Maher’s work makes use of music, its rituals and its cultural artefacts as materials to create pro-jects in collaboration with communities. In these projects Maher implements a philosophy of co-creation exploring the many worlds of creative activity offered as an inherent aspect of music’s production.


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14 February 2020 13:00
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Pixelache is excited to announcethe dates and locations for some of our early 2020 projects under the thematic mantle of #Burn____. Pixelache's 2020 #Burn____ programme is comprised of projects which are facilitated by members of our association. The first quarter of these events collectively,...
25 September 2019 22:12
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Arlene Tucker (AT): Hi Dries! How has the development of the project been going? Dries Depoorter (DD): Good :) AT: The last time we spoke was in February and now it’s full on springy April. It sounded like things were very much in the air at the time, which is a good thing! Open and endless...
15 May 2019 16:57
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Arlene Tucker (AT): You have been roaming around my periphery and sometimes within my sphere without me knowing it! Anastasia told me that you also have been working with Umelec. How funny! When I lived in Prague, I started working with them and then continued even when I moved to NYC. So...
02 May 2019 15:05
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T: Hi Brigitte! How shall we start? The canvas is clean and the world is our oyster. BK: What a nice image!!! Though a blank canvas can also be frightening in some ways, so just fire away :-)! AT: Great! What would you put on a blank canvas? And then I looked on my desktop if I could find an...
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