Mathilde Palenius

Jäsenenä vuosina: 2020


French-Finnish student in Projects in European and International Cultural Engineering, working for Pixelache for summer 2020.
Currently elaborating a Creative Europe project concerning participative exhibition within the working labor force circle.
Open to contacts and exchanges with foreign artists and cultural/artistic associations 

Mathilde Palenius viimeisin julkaisu:

29. syyskuuta 2020 11.49
Well, it might not sound as appealing as a summer in the Caraibes but it is an experience I would be pleased to let you know more about... As a French student in my first year of Master's degree in Management of European and Internationalcultural projects, a three months internship was mandatory...
15. heinäkuuta 2020 16.29
Dear Diary, Day four of our festival, at the far end of the Helsinki metro station in Kontula,Jan Lütjohan continues to work with his merry troupe ofcarpenters as part of Working with hands in a post-industrial society at The Museum of Impossible Forms. While we lack documentation from the second...
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