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RT @ApocalypseHow: "Antonin Scalia was born in 1936... and never left." @pattonoswalt at the #WritersGuildAwards #gaveldrop
RT @EdgeofSports: If you are unable to assign ugly truths and actual history to someone's legacy after they die, you get airports named aft…
"I have never killed a man but I have read many an obituary with great pleasure." Clarence Darrow
Anyone who tries to make feel bad about Scalia's death should remember how he was. The world is a better place without that piece of shit.
Absolutely reeling from 'Horace & Pete' ep. 3
@framefinland @SUCHHELSINKI Great to create a grant to try to do something different and then have a rule for ry forcing it to conventions
@EtherpadOrg I'm sure I'm not the only person who has dreams about Etherpads
Hesburger should sell a burger with asparagus on it and call it the Aspberger
I'm just putting this out here now and waiting for his people to reply if they want to actually do this. SUPPORT THE ARTS, @KevinSpacey !
In the dream I met @KevinSpacey at ITIS shopping centre and he told me in the 'House of Cards' voice how much he liked our Etherpad notes
Had a dream last night that @KevinSpacey really liked our ideas so bought us a commercial space in East Helsinki to open an art space in
KFC = Kontula Fake Chicken
Sad to read that one of the few American politicians I once respected has now sunk to this low:
@ljferdinand @moogsquirrel Just played some Land. recordings for Alan Courtis
RT @hameitsi: Hilarious! See what happens when the vigilantes Soldiers of Odin are joined by another bunch of clowns
The best Sea and Cake song is in a Ford commercial now, ugh.
Faxed Head were such a great band.
Missed Connections: How to Tell if “Nathan For You” Is For You
The Epic 200-Tweet Story #HowIQuitSpin Is a Piece of Pop Culture Art
Warning! Your excess is currently unprotected
Timo Tukhanen asked me to make a prediction about music in 2016. Lots of other people had deeper thoughts.