Ingrid André

Years as member: 2020


Ingrid André (Belgium 1977) holds a BA in Dance from Balettakademien Stockholm, (SE) and will graduate shortly from visual art studies at Taidekoulu MAA Helsinki, (FI). Her artistic practice is informed by her many years as a contemporary dancer and tends to follow an autoethnographic approach, making dance a 'metaphor for thought'. Through exposing herself to new media (such as painting, installation, performance), she explores autonomous vulnerability as a way to move beyond familiarity and look for meaning beyond certainty, beyond trauma and beyond crisis. 

Ingrid is currently one of the performers in A Human Ensemble, a project directed by choreographer and psychologist Karolina Ginman (FI) as well as Topographies of Silence, an upcoming project she is directing in collaboration with artist Gabriele Goria (IT/FI). Previous collaborations include Yle and Radio Symphony Orchestra. 

Ingrid André is based in Helsinki since 2006.



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