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Алексиевич – Лукашенко: "Уйди, пока не поздно!"
Women in white form human chains in solidarity with protesters in Belarus — Meduza via @meduzaproject
Ertuğrul: how an epic TV series became the 'Muslim Game of Thrones'
Who will speak up against the demonisation of migrants?
BBC News - Belarus election: Police use live fire on protesters in Brest
Facebook and other tech giants 'too big to fail'
The Barnett Formula Myth Destroyed - It does not subsidise Scotland via @BizforScotland
RT @carolecadwalla: The gross Faragification of the news cycle by the govt is shameless. But the decision by news orgs to amplify it is app…
RT @LinkeviciusL: Svetlana #Tikhanovskaya is safe. She is in #Lithuania.
Disgusting BBC reporting.. "Are you OK, are you OK?". I am so ashamed of the UK Government's approach to asylum-see…
RT @pjwoodside: How will you react when you first see this headline flash up on your screen
'The Amazon is the vagina of the world': why women are key to saving Brazil's forests
RT @GretaThunberg: Indigenous peoples are on the frontlines of the climate- and ecological crisis. But they are also leading the fight agai…
RT @carolecadwalla: ‘Goodbye dinner party, hello posh snacks’ ‘Go wild! Britain’s best places to stay alfresco’ ‘Eat!’ ‘The top 20 subur…
Nora Bateson: The Changemaker's Trap (May 2020)
Daughters of the bomb: my reckoning with Hiroshima, 75 years later
Hiroshima at 75: bitter row persists over US decision to drop the bomb
RT @thetimes: A secretive Russian-born tycoon whose company has donated almost £250,000 to the Conservative Party can be identified today b…
RT @simon_schama: "it's the inability to realise how stupid he is which essentially explains Iain Duncan Smith's entire life"
Rising temperatures will cause more deaths than all infectious diseases – study
Brexit fuels brain drain as skilled Britons head to the EU
RT @NoraBateson: Somehow I became a 52 yr old woman dedicated to my children, the interdependency of life, complexity and mutual learning a…
Steve Bannon hails Dominic Cummings and predicts lurch to right for No 10
RT @AOC: Abolishing ICE isn’t a radical thing to do, it’s a humane thing to do.
RT @ByDonkeys: Hey @MattHancock, hate to think what happens when your plan isn’t working Location: West Bromwich East (Conservative majorit…
Greece's refugees face healthcare crisis as Lesbos Covid-19 centre closes
Irish Times view on Scottish independence and instability in the UK