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The zine for online self-defence and protecting your nudes via @Dazed
Record-breaking extreme weather in Australia in 2016 devastates ecosystems
⚡️ “Meet the newest organ in the human body”
RT @Anna_Mazz: Last minute contender for Tweet of the year. Happy New Year!
RT @mutil8d: Remember that episode of courage the cowardly dog when a bunny runs away from abusive dog to be with lesbian cat lover. Just r…
The women who make a living gaming on Twitch #VRStories
First Mein Kampf reprint in Germany since war set for sixth print run
Interesting reading over porridge.. A human rights activist, a secret prison & a tale from Xi Jinping's new China
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Can virtual reality move beyond immersive experiences to tell stories? #VRstories
7 ways to survive New Year’s Eve with children
RT @extinctsymbol: Bees Have Been Added to the Endangered Species List for the First Time:
RT @TeivoTeivainen: Finnish #neonazi, whose kick victim died, sentenced only for aggravated assault. Court did not find #racist motive. htt…
RT @mbauwens: Great movements for social change always begin with statements of great optimism. ; read this for cou…
RT @ClotMagazine: @roiiroiiro,reflecting on the cohabitation with other species at #sonification #hydridart #sound…
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Forgotten anarchist Simón Radowitzky’s life retold in graphic novel
Finland is about to start paying a basic income to every citizen. Need much better journalism on UBI please!!
What’s your New Year resolution? This can be the cruellest question | Linda Tirado #servicefornewyear
The rise of fascism is not inevitable – just look at Bridges Not Walls | Ellie Mae O’Hagan #bridgesnotwalls
RT @russiabeyond: The great talent that our nation and indeed the entire world lost today. RIP.
'We got Christmas back': readers mark 25 years since fall of Soviet Union
Hannah Arendt on Loneliness as the Common Ground for Terror & Isolation as a Weapon of Oppression via @brainpicker
A sort-of-Christmas story: No sex please, we're Japanese - love hotels clean up their act amid falling demand
Must read: 'Why time management is ruining our lives' by Oliver Burkeman.. But a wee bit later, like..
Murmansk's silver lining: #Arctic city expects renaissance with ice melt #migrant #epistemologies #muuttolintuverkko
RT @platoniq: Strike a match for education: help us find projects that reuse cultural heritage for learning vía @Eu…
RT @Europeanaeu: Happy #wintersolstice! This winter landscape by H.Avercamp from @rijksmuseum is a Dutch #Europeana280 submission https://t…