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AI based app which is able to transform a hand drawn UI to sketch and working code
RT @TReNDinAfrica: To see more glimpses of ongoing Advanced Open Labware Workshop please visit #openlabware @GOSHCo…
Yesterday all groups were presenting their projects under construction: what was accomplished so far, what obstacle…
Team from Nigeria is building a multipurpose chamber for activity capture of rodents #openlabware @TReNDinAfrica
I just bought a stake at Kuusi Palaa! Come be part of a culture venue that is not centrally financed, curated or ad…
RT @SeraphinaMadsen: From Stanislaw Lem's "Return from the Stars" published in 1961
An amazing article on often so ignorantly omitted topic. Sharing it helplessly knowing that it will change nothing…
RT @manovich: Free PDF of English translation of Russian 200p book on history of Soviet Computing -
Early Japanese animations from the collection of National Film Center Tokyo #classic #japanese #animation
Checking various free video editing software. Now downloading HitFilm 4 Express to explore. They asked me to tell about it here.
RT @timmaughan: '(Occupy's) revolution wasn't about an idea, it was about how to manage things' - Adam Curtis
@KsiadzRobak profesor Wolniewicz jak widzę krytykuję migrację ludzi a sam kształcił się w USA przez wiele lat...
The Oblique Strategies. A handy deck of cards to enhance creativity in an app #bb_muses
Film production as a ritual. Maya Deren #bb_muses
When #ScienceFiction becomes #design: #makeitso on #archiveorg
Ever noticed how supervillains are always trying to #change things and #SUPERHEROES always try to resist the change?