Do It Anyway 2015

15 — 16 toukokuu 2015, Helsinki, Finland

Do It Anyway 2015 is Access Space's first festival as well as the first manifestation of Pixelache Network festival in the UK.  The event will take place during 15-17 May 2015 in Sheffield, UK. 

The festival programme is below. All events and workshops are free, except Algorave (just £5 entry) on Sunday 17th. Workshop places will be limited so you will need to book. Booking info will be avilable for workshops shortly. Tickets for Algorave will be available soon as well.

Do It Anyway programme of events 

Friday 15/5/15

19.00-19.15 Opening event - Welcome to the Festival! (Main Space)

19.15- 20.15 Performance HlooverSigurosson (Is) - Livecoding improv using Overtone (Main Space)

20.15-21.15 Performance Rikhar H.Frioiksson (Is) - sonic performance - Líðan II (Main Space)

21.15 Social in the Rutland Arms

(Richard Bolam's Casualty 14-18 installation is in the Foyer throughout the weekend)


Saturday 16/5/15

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Introducing ShrimpCraft! Tools for the water curious- Amanda Steggell (No), Ross Dalziel + Adrian McEwen (GB) (Main Space) 

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Scavenged soundings: music, sound and technology - John Fail (Fi)+John Marshall (GB) (Refab Space)

10/30-13.00 Workshop - Shop Gifting - Activism in the city with re-purposed Barbie dolls -Monika Dutta (GB)

15.15-16.00 Presentation – Mari Keski-Korsu (Fi) (Main Space)

16.00-16.30 Presentation - Richard Bolam (GB) - Casualty 14-18 installation – artist talk (Main Space)

16.30-17.30 The day's workshop performances (Main Space)

17.30-18.30 Perfromance - Logfordata - Jean-François Blanquet (Fr) (Main Space)

19.30-21.15 PerformanceOpen_Platform_ 6 curated by Susanne Palzer(De/GB) – 5 performances (Foyer)

21.15 Social in the Rutland Arms


Sunday 17/5/15

10.30-15.00 Workshop - Logfordata - Jean-François Blanquet (Fr) (Refab Space)

10.30-15.00 WorkshopSonification & the Physical - Jon Nordby (No) (Main Space)

13.00-15.00 Workshop Open Sourcing Festivals - facilitated by Nathalie Aubret(Fi) (Fr) (upstairs Rutland Arms)

15.00-18.00 Workshop - Solar kinetic sculptures - Egil Paulsen (No) (Refab Space)

20.00-01.00 Closing event Algorave (just £5 entry) curated by Alex McLean (GB), visuals by Antonio Roberts (GB) - 5 performances (Main Space),