Trashlab: scrap wood circus

In the first Trashlab of the year on the third of February, we are getting familiar with the new space and a set of tools. The material of month is scrap wood, which is coming as a by-product at the workshop. With the instruction of Jelle van der Beek (alias Puuguru), we will create and improvise with traditional, as well as more experimental toys for adults and kids.

The workshop is suitable for children, when joining under adult guidance.

In addition to this week’s material themed workshop, we also continue to give guidance collectively on fixing broken things, so bring them over and let’s have a try fixing it!

Documentation of the ongoing events:

Participation to the workshop is free but we happily accept small donations, which will go towards the tools and materials. Trashlab was inspired by the international fixer movement and started and run by Pixelache Helsinki, Finland. Trashlab is part of their around-the-year outreach & education programme, under the theme 'Waste/d'.