Social Tools Training Circle no.6

Welcome to the first follow-up event of the Social Tools Conference 2019: Money, Power & Conflict!

As we warned, the conference was not an end in itself, but rather just the beginning of a year-long training on some of the topics of the conference. Since new practices cannot be established during a weekend of symposium and workshops we will - just like after the 2018 conference - host six separate training sessions to deepen our understanding of the things brought up at the conference.

For each of the peer learning session, we will focus on some specific topics of the Social Tools Conference 2019: “Money, Power & Conflict”. We will exchange experiences and practices, do some exercises and deepen our understanding of the patterns. We will pull in other resources and discussions, for example from Sociocracy 3.0 or Cultural Democracy. Please join us in this collective learning journey - and do bring friends and colleagues along! The sessions will be self-contained so that the attendance at the conference is not a pre-condition to joining the Training Circles.

This specific session will be based on the workshop of Sofia Bustamante called “Introduction to the Conflict Resolution Pattern Language”. We will give an overview of what happened at the workshop and go deeper into the topics by discussions and doing some related exercises. In the second part of the session, Sofia will be available for a Q&A via video chat.

As always, the session is free of charge, but we kindly ask you to register via Eventbrite (link below) so that we know to prepare with sufficient snacks and drinks. Also, note that all the previous sessions have been fully booked in advance - it’s definitely a good reason to register yourself and your friends NOW so you can fit in for sure! :)


Monday, 11.11.2019
17:30 PM – 20:30 EEST

Pixelache Office
Kaasutehtaankatu 1/21 (Building 7)
00540 Helsinki
See the map here:

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