[Position Available] Financial Administrator (Part-Time) 

Piknik Frequency Ry is looking for a part-time (50%) financial administrator, starting as soon as convenient, preferably already in April/May 2022, with a short training period in the same month.

We are an international art and culture organisation based in Helsinki, producing various events and cultural productions throughout the year, including the Pixelache Helsinki Festival. This year we have secured funding from TAIKE and Helsinki City, with other national, European and international grants received on a regular basis.


Your duties as a financial administrator include

  • accounting
  • reporting cash-flow to the Piknik Frequency ry board and membership
  • paying salaries, fees and reimbursements and managing communications of these tasks
  • filing and record keeping of payables/receivables statements and accounting reports
  • other related tasks to complete the accounting functions


You should have good communication skills, be fluent in both English and Finnish, and be comfortable with using Open/Libre Office suite and adopting collaborative communication (eg. Etherpad and teleconferencing) and accounting tools (eg. Excel) with minimum of 2 years of experience on managing cultural associations' finances (or similar). You will also need to be able to learn the use of new digital tools if the need arises.


The work is fairly independent, so you can choose your working hours according to the situation, and varies on the different times of the year (ex. more intensive during an after the Pixelache Helsinki festival and the end-of-year closing of accounts). The position requires a physical presence at our offices in Kaasutehtaankatu, Suvilahti, if epidemiological circumstances permit it.


Further inquiries and applications are accepted until the 15.5.2022 through hallitus@pixelache.ac


Pixelache Helsinki