Pixelache Summerschool
The first Pixelache Summerschool will be organised in the pleasant Baltic sea island Kemiö, a couple of hours away from Helsinki. The summer camp is hosted by artist/electronics hacker Tuomo Tammenpää (http://www.misusage.org/). The purpose of the camp is to learn about electronics and solar energy and meanwhile enjoy the Finnish summer ;)

Preliminary date is 7-8 August 2008, with a possibility for staying over for the weekend for Konstrundan 08 , more information coming soon! 
If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to summerschool08 {{ät}} pixelache.ac
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Below is the latest update on Pixelache Summerschool from Tuomo Tammenpää. Please get in touch very soon if you want to join - there is still room for additional participants, but we might run out of places for people to sleep.
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Howdy Happy Campers!

More info on Pixelache SummerSchool. We seem to have at least one non-Finnish so the language is in English.
(kysykää tarkennuksia toki suomeksi)

Workshop is a two-day workshop + the night (August 7th-8th)+ the possibility to hang around for the Konstrundan weekend:

The theme of the workshop is solar power and we use that to make sounds. See previous sound workshops from here:
I'll look in to some other topics as well and keep some option open for the second day according to general interest, hence the agenda being more open on the second day.

The place:
Kårkulla, Pedersåntie 215, Kemiö

All accommodation is on the floor, bring your sleeping bags, we try to score mattresses, but take mats just in case. We share rooms, sauna cabin for 2-3, guest room for 2-3, possibly one of our kids bedrooms for one and a big living room for the rest. Naturally you are welcome to bring a tent, plenty of garden for camping, if you need more privacy / festival spirit. We have a cat, three kittens and an angora rabbit, so take countermeasures if allergic, we can keep them bit away though.

I don't have any external support for this so we need to join our forces in terms of food and drinks. I suggest cook together something relatively simple and everyone can then add to that according to their preference. In Kemiö village there is shops and Alko in 4km away, we can organise shopping squad and they drive there. This is the first overnight workshop here, so be prepared to be more self-sufficient than to be served, after all there is no fee. I estimate the material costs to be around 20 euro or less, about same for chip-in for shared food&drinks. The saturday & sunday we can plan according to how many stays.

You can bring tools, electronics, laptops if you like, but we should be quite ok just with my stock. I might ask something closer to the date though.

Rough schedule:
flexible, open to suggestions, subject to change (for better)

Thursday 7.8.
7:15 direct bus from Helsinki, arrives Kemiö 10:35, bit early but you can sleep in the bus :-) (Bus fare bit over 20 euro if no discounts, check the matkahuolto.info)
(you can come the day before if you prefer and you can drive, hike, bike, sail, swim to here as well, but we should be ready to work around noon)
10:45 first round of shopping for lunch
11:00 quick lunch
12:00 Session 1, playing with solar panels and pre-made stuff, making solar beeper
15:00 Session 2, hacking solar garden light for an instrument
Food & drinks squad + planning for the next day
Night session with beeps, barbeque and sauna.

Friday 8.8.
9:30 breakfast
10:00 Session 3, more with solar power
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 4, more with sounds / casing / physical computing / jamming...
Night session with beeps, barbeque and sauna for those who stay

Saturday 9.8.
Konstrundan, I'm somewhat tied to wait for random visitors and tell about my work, you are free to continue what you started or
have an adventure on the Island. If anyone comes with a car, that would solve transport for that, island is big.
(Initial pans for some kind of party with local artist in the sat. evening if we find the energy to arrange one.)

Sunday 10.8.
Konstundan, I'm running a simple solar-sound workshop, more for kids, if anyone turns up, you are welcome to join for
some garden soldering or chill out with some "tikka" or "mölkky" or tour de island.

Last bus to Helsinki every day 19:20 (->22:00)
... or buy piece of a land and never leave as we did.

Let me know if you can't make it &/ stay for whole weekend.
Don't hesitate to contact me if any questions,