Pixelache Public Meeting #3 - Sew a quilt, talk Conflict


Pixelache Public Meeting #3 - Sew a quilt, talk Conflict


Pixelache's Public Meetings are a new event format for Pixelache in which we open our previously private monthly meetings to the Public in the development of our further programming. For the remainder of 2019, a selection of our membership presents new projects, experiments and research for Pixelache that is open to experience by both members and non-members.

Number three in our Public Meetings series will take place in partnership with Publics, the curatorial agency with a dedicated library, event space and reading room in Vallila Helsinki.

This month's meeting will be lead by Pixelache member Vishnu Vardhani and is titled "Sew a Quilt, Talk Conflict.


"Let’s sew a quilt, talk about conflict."

Quilt = A quilt is a multi-layered textile, traditionally composed of at least three layers of fiber. (fabric)

Sew = join, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread.

Conflict = be incompatible or at variance.

Quilt embodies diverse, mismatched, incompatible pieces of cloth to form a single entity that provides comfort.

With this session of Vishnu wants to address how a restorative act such as sewing surface the nuances of the embodiment of conflict.

Through this work, Vishnu wants to address the textured expressions of conflict, normalise conversations around conflict, to identify it, name it, to navigate towards restoration.


‘Sew a quilt, talk Conflict’ is an ongoing research project.


About the Artist:


Body-Philosopher Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN believes that conflict exists both in and beyond our finitude.

‘We come to the encounter with conflict, it doesn’t happen afterwards’. Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN is a member of the board of Pixelache since 2017. She was one of the Artistic Directors of Bi-annual Pixelache Festival ‘Breaking the 5th wall" and its community building efforts.


Photo: Picture taken at The Carrier Bag Festival (Copenhagen, Danseatelier)