Peyrakaira vs. Paatehakkuu?

An audiovisual performance by Kirmo Kivelä (FI), Matti Snellman (FI), Pertti Jääsaari (FI), Hannu Paju (FI)

PEURAKAIRA vs. PÄÄTEHAKKUU is an audiovisual performance, a work-in-progress which will have its first show for the audience at Pikseliähky 2006. The performance is based on photographic material from the Peurakaira region in Northern Finland.

Peurakaira is an unique treasure of northern nature– a large area of ancient forests, fjells, mires, small ponds and streams in Northern Finland. Some parts of the area have been protected, but most of the area has been classified as “commercial forest” by Finnish State forestry enterprise Metsähallitus – which means that the area is threatened by industrial forestry.

In the core areas of Peurakaira logging has in past three years been suspended by a legal dispute between Metsähallitus and the Lapin Paliskunta (Lappi reindeer herding co-operative). However, the agreement between the parties came into an end in the end of year 2003 and the destiny of the area is now uncertain.