Nordic VJ Meeting: Generative Software and VJ Software presentations

A series of presentations by individuals or groups who have developed their own tools for audiovisual performances. 

Preliminary list of participants:
- Marius Watz (Norway) will present the Generator X project
- Samu Bence and Peter Gyenei (Hungary) will present their live animation software
- Bertrand Gonduin (Sweden) will present Scramble real time vj software
- Jukka Kaartinen (Finland) will present a generative visuals software
- Nuno Correira (Portugal, Finland / TAIK) is presenting his audiovisual software project currently in development as phd project in the MediaLab at the University of Art Design in Helsinki.
- Juhani Räisenen (Finland, TAIK) will present his generative visual software
- Jaakko Tuosa will present a server software called Hamara