Nature as Magic

With nature as magic we celebrate art, friendship and environment what ever it might be. Online, offline, city, village, jungle, forrest, swamp, your brain, your body, internet, cosmos.


Our event is hybrid, meaning some of you might just fit in our studio at Kopli 27, Tallin, Estonia, but everything will be reachable also through our e‾lektron's amazing platforms.


In 2021 Pixelache started a new collaborative project supported by Suomalais-virolainen Kulttuurisäätiö (Finnish-Estonian Cultural Foundation) called 'Nature as Magic'. It bridges 4 online/festival/curatorial platforms together – Pixelache, e‾lektron, Public Art Action, Aavistus. Production and financial support is decentralised whereby each partner leads on how to make the 'AV bridges'.

Beginning in June 2021 and ending in October 2022, there will be 4 events in total, presented as multi-disciplinary performances, including audio and video collaborations.


Join us between the 26th and 28th of November at Kopli 27, Põhja-Tallinn, Tallinn, 10412 Harju Maakond, Eesti, the programme follows below:




* Taavet Jansen “Hundid” at 19:00 & 22:00 will take place here:



17:00 Unholy 3nity (EST)
17:15 Andrew Gryf Paterson hosting the signal podcast with Laur Kaunissaare (FIN/EST)
18:00 Unholy 3nity
18:15 Maike Lond hosting the signal podcast with Jim Ashilevi (EST)
19:00 Unholy 3nity
19:15 Marita Lumi + Vongoiva (EST/FIN)
20:00 Unholy 3nity
20:15 Sander Saarmets + Merle Karp (EST/FIN)
21:00 Unholy 3nity
21:15 ASUNA (JPN)
22:00 Unholy 3nity
22:15 DJ+VJ jam with: Katja Adrikova / Personal Space (EST, DJ), Anni Laser (FIN, VJ), VJ SSuvereeni (FIN, VJ), Random Doctors (FIN, VJ), Mary Young (FIN, DJ) and more.



16:00 Unholy 3nity
16:15 Aleksander Metsamärt hosting the signal podcast with Peeter Laurits (EST)
17:00 Unholy 3nity
17:15 Kärt Koppel hosting the signal podcast (EST)
18:00 Unholy 3nity
18:15 Cubus Larvik (EST)
19:00 Unholy 3nity
19:15 Mikk-Mait Kivi & Emer Värk (EST)

"Nature as Magic", which will take place as a hybrid event, which means that the audience can participate virtually via the platform as well as on site in the eˉlektron studio, Kopli 27.

Admission is free. A valid corona vaccination passport or proof of identity must be presented at the door with an identity document. You can enter according to the capacity of the room, ie if it is full, you cannot.

*The performance of "Hundid" takes place online only through No on-site viewing!

**We can only welcome visitors who present a proof of being vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19.*