Malfunctionalism (0.1b)

Concept: Mikko Kallinen & LLR3
Choreography: Mikko Kallinen
Dancers: Elena Ruuskanen & Mikko Kallinen
Computer Graphics & Audio: LLR3
Costume Design: Elena Ruuskanen

Malfunctionalism is a story about a mechanically deterministic manmachine relationship and its evolution through a computing error into something more unpredictable and organic. Malfunctionalism is a live performance combining two dancers, one domestic 8-bit computer for minimal real-time video, some audio equipment and a system operator.

Mikko Kallinen has made several choreographies that have been performed in Finland as well as in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Paris. In his performances, Kallinen combines dance with new technology, video techniques and electronic music.

LLR3 operates a personal underground studio in Helsinki, utilizing both vintage home computers as well as modern studio equipment as tools of art.