Making Free Translations ___ Tehdään Vapaita Käännöksiä

Let’s open dialogue through sound, image, and drawing. Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge and lintulintu invite you to create DIRECT and IMMEDIATE responses to the artworks on display at Free Translation exhibition. Your artistic response makes space for inspiration to flow. 

When: Sunday, November 18, 2018 from 13:00-16:00
For whom: all ages
Where: MAA-
tila, Pääskylänrinne 10, 00500 Helsinki 
Languages: Finnish, English, French
For more information:

( ( ( Transmitting < > < > translating soundwaves ) ) )
Resonance, communication without words. 
Dialogue between us, around us, within us, take a deep breath. Sharing alternative language, translating resonance into communication, building bridges, connections, resonance is all around and all the time. Sound moves you closer to the core, leaving out material restrictions. We’ll shape the space beyond the walls, bounce back and forth. Hear what can be heard, turn voice into sound.

) ) ) Image <—> text ( ( (
Telescopic viewing, wide-angle configurations.
In this ephemeral collage/installation workshop, you will make a response to a very specific space or trajectory, for example, one corner of the gallery, one tile of the floor, a door knob, the distance between two walls. This collective image-making and writing experiment will explore translation(s) of text into image and vice versa in response to the work presented in the exhibition and ignite dialogues about material limitation and question(s) of access. 

About us:

Free Translation is an exhibition that makes use of the translation process as we interact and create new artworks at MAA-tila. The collected artworks are created by incarcerated people, ex-convicts, and anyone affected by imprisonment. The works on view will encourage the audience to prompt dialogue, inspire thoughts, and creatively activate the space. The multi-disciplinary exhibition showcases international works at MAA-tila from November 15-29 and online. 

Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge was born in a small francophone coastal village in Québec, Canada. Central to Evelyne’s practice and projects is an interest to activate spaces that are often invisible or overlooked and to explore themes of displacement and memory and the complex layers and mechanisms embedded within. She received her BFA in photography from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada) and her MFA in electronic integrated arts from the School of Art and Design at Alfred University (Alfred, New York). She is currently an Associate Professor of Art and Lens Based Media at the University of Rochester (Rochester, New York). Evelyne would like to thank the University of Rochester and the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support on her recent research projects.

lintulintu is experimental. We identify as heterosexual and privileged sound duo consisting two birds one stone. We have an expensive electronic equipment and our earthly bodies, which we try to harmonize. Despite the advantage of self-caused suffering lintulintu finds a way of feeling good. Chaos switches into so-called sound art and critical point of view, is just advanced conversation. Sound art, performance and experimental music taking flavours of the avant-garde, playing around dystopia and bringing three months of darkness into light. We’ve gone to a few schools and worked with institutions.