Live Cinema @ Videoblast! 2008

Videoblast! is a monthly showcase of Finnish VJ culture, a get-together for local VJs and other folks interested in live video performance. The first Videoblast! features special guest from Barcelona: Mia Mäkelä aka SOLU, who has over the past years been actively contributing to the international VJ / live cinema scene as an artist, workshop organiser and writer. : :


* 19.00-21:00

Presentations and discussion: Introduction to VJ Finland and Videoblast! evenings & upcoming Pixelache Festival, Live cinema projects from Mia Mäkelä and students from Taik Medialab 'realtime visual workshop'

* 21.00-02.00

DJ Mesak & Beige/Harmaa, with maybe some additional VJ jamming guests..


The Videoblast! evenings will take place every last Wednesday of the month at m-bar, with programme coordinated by VJ Finland (with occasional contributions from Pixelache University).

Flyer by Beige/Harmaa, photos by Nathalie Aubret: