Kamppi Reconstruction

2nd performance 2.04. / 14:00 - 15:00 (Kiasma Theatre / 6 eur)

To what extent can the sounds that are usually perceived as noise be transformed into something that would be perceived as music? How can the experience of viewing a construction site be changed by manipulating and restructuring images from it? How is the composition and improvisation affected by the fact that the source material is largely unpredictable?

Live material from video cameras and wireless mics is manipulated in real time. In particular, sound spectra of the construction noise are analyzed and used as a basis for resynthesizing sound; specific aesthetic elements of the noise are highlighted to create a balanced, elaborate texture of sound. The same methods are applied to the visual material.

Kamppi Reconstruction project is an exploration and elaboration of our perception of the public space surrounding us in the center of Helsinki. The work aims at a nonlinear structured narrative on the basis of realtime material provided by the Kamppi construction site. Meditating the sound and visual environment of the site, the project studies the interaction between the haphazard and the deliberate, between the sound and the image, between the unprocessed and the manipulated.

Sound: Sami Järvinen and Sami Klemola
Video: Hanna Ojamo and Minna Långström

Supported by AVEK and Sibelius Academy Innovation Centre

In Collaboration with SRV Viitoset