Closing Event of Pixel_Lab

In the context of Open Sourcing Festivals, and as the closing event of Mal au Pixel’s one year long Pixel_Lab workshope cycle, a full week-end of performances, talks and workshops, addressing technologies and innovation critically with an ecological sensibility, is organized at la Gaîté Lyrique in Paris during 24-26.4.2015.

On this occasion, Pixel_Lab will examine and collectively reflect on of some of the very topical questions raised by the « digital tsunami » : the transformations of identities and sociabilities ; the speculation on the value of social capital in the era of social networks ; the concentration and centralization of the the web in a context of global surveillance ; the rise of supra-human algorithmic networked entities, etc …

With : Nicolas Maigret, Brendan Howell, Benjamin Cadon, Jake Harries, Owen Kelly, Susanne Palzer, Maite Carajaville, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Gwenola Wagon, Stéphane Degoutin, Philippe Vasset, Inke Arns, Albert Laine. Check out the full programme here.