BUSH roadshow - screening

Emergency Broadcast Network and the Coldcut & Hexstatic were pioneers of videoscratching and produced politically provocative videos by using original news and film footage as source material. BUSH roadshow screening features recent work from Guerrilla News NetworkDavy Force!Mike Nourse and Bryan Boyce, who are following the same footsteps with their breathtaking image bombardment. The films range from clever political commentary (for example Terror, Iraq, Weapons by Mike Nourse) to absurd parody: A rare chance to see George W. infiltrate the Teletubby world!

This films for this screening have been selected by Edmar Marszewski / Select Media Festival, Chicago. All of the films are available on Select Media Festival DVDs.

A politically provocative selection of work from Guerrilla News NetworkFenslerDavy Force!Mike Nourse and Bryan Boyce - the top names of mainstream media manipulation.

The films for this screening have been selected by Edmar Marszewski / Select Media Festival, Chicago. Detailed information of the films with comments from Ed:

GNN [ S-11 (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse ] 
2001, Video, Color, Approx 12 min.
Culled from over 20 hours of television footage recorded over a one month period and across 13 networks, S-11 Redux is a sound-bite blitzkrieg that challenges the messages we have been fed from our mainstream media and the government it serves. Be warned - this video moves quickly and will require at least two viewings to digest its full impact. You may never be able to look at the coverage of S-11 and its post-impact coverage the same way, ever again. 

DAVY FORCE! [MF-47 Network - USA-K ULTRA] 
2000, Video, Color, Approx 2min. 
Patriotism Shopping, and mind control 

Fensler [Knowing was half the Battle] 
2001, Animation, Color, Approx 1 min. 
Public Service Announcements from our pals at GI Joe, A great American hero cartoon series.

GNN [Countdown] 
2001, Video, Color, Approx 4 min. 
For those of you not interested in ringing in Dubya's ill-gotten presidency with the musical stylings of Ricky Martin and 98 Degrees, GNN offers an alternative: a Guerrilla News Video cut to "Countdown," Beastie Boy Ad Rock's remix of Green Party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader's blistering critique of the news media and the current state of American politics. The video features GNN's innovative video-scratching technique, cut with footage from the Battle of Seattle, nightly news broadcasts and Mr. Nader's addresses at the Green Party National Convention and the NAACP. 

Davy Force! [MF-47 NETWORK - aliens] 
2001, Video, Color, Approx 2 min. 
They are here on CNN MSNBCIA! A newcast lead by Ashcroft and friends. 

Davy Force! [ MF-47 TV NETWORK - CELL PHONE] 
2001, Video, Color, Approx 2 min. 
The MF-47 Network is an Information Agency that operates in conjunction with the Office of Fatherland Defense. This last MF-47 Network news blurb entices you to use the cell phone. 

Mike Nourse [Terror, Iraq, Weapons ]
2002, Video, Color, Approx 4 min 
President Bush re-edited for meaning during anti-iraq speech in Ohio. 

Bryan Boyce [State of the Union] 
2001, Video, Color, 2 min 
Baby Bush meets Tubby-land. Completed in August 2001, this project was initially just a simple comic skewering of George W. Bush and his defense policies.. but after September 11th, it took on a whole new meaning. State of the Union now has a surreal documentary quality that is genuinely disturbing. 

Bryan Boyce [Special Report] 
1999, Video, Color, Approx 3 min.

Guerrilla News Network [Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 9-11] 
2002, Video, Animation, Approx 13 min. 
Gnn's latest contribution to converting the Republic. This film asks 9 prominent individuals eleven questions about the follow up to the 9-11 skijacking and wtc/pentagon attacks. 

Total duration of screening approx. 50 minutes. All films in English, without Finnish subtitles.