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TRASHLAB events are social occasions to gather and to try to fix broken things, while meeting others who care about tinkering, fixing, hacking, and the problem of waste and obsolescence in society. For each event, the expert hosts will try to identify the problems or diagnose the broken item and direct participants on how they can fix their item.

This is the second Trashlab session at Temporary and will also serve as the pikkujoulu/holiday party for Temporary. We'll have some glögi and snacks and other holiday-type stuff.

More info can be found on the Temporary website.

This is the first experiment at Temporary by Convivial Mechanics. We hope that it will be the first of an irregular series of fireside chats. The format will be simple. People will bring their own cushions to sit on. They will bring a snack to share. We will bring a pretend fireplace. There...

We intend this as the first in a series of regular and highly sociable workshops. We will test a variety of open source software with the aim of putting together a digital toolkit that small, independent, mobile groups can use to power themselves. Once we have done this we will produce...

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Pixelache festival 2013 is entitled ‘Facing North – Facing South’ and is organized as a dual-city event, both in Helsinki and Tallinn during 16-19 May 2013. If every North as its South and every South its North, this is an invitation to alternately face North and South from multiple points of...